The Queer Studies SIG sponsors a number of sessions at the AERA annual meeting, a business meeting to elect SIG executive officers and to discuss policy issues which have arisen over the previous year. We also host a variety of social events for participants. The SIG supports scholarly work though research awards and endeavors to recognize and support community-based educational initiatives which promote equality for LGBTQ persons in education.

Please consider submitting your papers and symposia to the Queer SIG – this helps us to increase the space we are allotted at the Annual Meeting!

Pease check out our FAQ page or direct your questions or requests to us through our email, Twitter, or Facebook!


Allison Mattheis — California State University, Los Angeles
Adam Greteman — The School of Art Institute of Chicago

Secretary/Treasurer Co-Chairs
Kevin Burke — University of Georgia
Stephanie Anne Shelton — University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Program Co-Chairs
Susan Woolley — Colgate University
Kamden Strunk — Auburn University

Awards Co-Chairs
Darla Linville — Augusta University
Ugena Whitlock — Kennesaw State University

Membership Co-Chairs
Z Nicolazzo — Northern Illinois University
Juan Rìos Vega — Bradley University

Graduate Student Representatives
Adam Crawley — University of Georgia
Mario Itzel Suàrez — Texas A&M University

Jason Murphy — Rutgers University